Solar lights for garden, balcony, and terrace improve the look of your residential or commercial property by keeping energy consumption to a minimum. These lights provide a subtle ambience around your home and do not require any energy from the power company to function. That’s why solar lights for a balcony/terrace/garden are becoming the more standard equipment. These outdoor lights can beautify the surroundings without zero carbon emissions and naturally produce energy.

This blog explains everything you need to know about solar lights for a terrace and other outdoor spaces, incorporating how they work, where to position them, lifespan, and more.

Before we dive deep into its working process and lifespan, let us first understand what solar lights for outdoor space are.

What are solar lights?

Solar lights can add lightning and ambience to an outdoor space where power is inaccessible. Solar lights are weather-resistant lights that stick to the ground and come with a battery, a small solar panel, and typical LED lights. These lights use sun rays during the day to charge their battery; when the sun sets, they automatically turn on. This way, it offers much-needed lighting and a subtle ambience for your outdoor space décor.

How do solar lights work?

During the daytime, solar lights’ photovoltaic cells absorb sunrays and use them to charge their internal batteries. When the sun sets, these solar lights for gardens, terraces, or balconies detect the lack of sunlight and automatically turn on the light using the stored energy in the battery.

The lights will keep running through the evening until the battery runs out of energy or the sun begins to rise. Once the sunrise and lights turn off, its charging procedure begins.

Benefits of outdoor solar lights

There are various advantages of outdoor solar lights that you can enjoy. Solar lights provide you with clean energy as they do not emit carbon dioxide.

Solar lights can generate, accumulate, and consume their own power through solar panels and batteries, making them an eco-friendly lighting option for outdoor spaces.

Another benefit is that solar lights decrease your electricity bill as these lights do not tie into the power grid.

Solar lights can provide better security and a more appealing ambience around your home during the night. Some solar lights have motion sensors that will turn on when they detect any motion. Ultimately, it will help you prevent theft.

Apart from all these, one of the major benefits of solar lights is that outdoor solar lights are easy to install and require little technical knowledge to get them running.

Different types of outdoor solar lights

Nowadays, various solar outdoor lights are available in the market. These lights come in different shapes, sizes, and functions to perfectly match diverse needs. Let us look at a few of them:

1. String Lights
Do you want to enhance the look of your outdoor string lights without burning your pocket? Solar string lights can help you with it. These lights use sun rays to power them so it will lower your electricity bill. You can buy multicolour, single colour, or a changeable colour string light.

2. Motion Sensor Lights
Illuminate your outdoor space with the solar-powered motion sensor lights. It will automatically turn on whenever you are in an area that requires lighting. You can even change the brightness with motion.

3. Deck Lights
The next type is solar deck lights. Deck lights are also known as patio lights. These lights sit on the posts of the deck. The lights provide clean and green lighting spent on the deck enjoying the outdoor living area.

4. Flood Lights
Solar flood lights are the perfect pick if you want a bright light for your backyard. You can save your hard-earned money by opting for the solar-powered version. These floodlights are even available with a motion sensor. Therefore, whenever it detects that you require a light, it will automatically get turned on.

How do you install and position solar lights?

The installation and placement of solar lights for a garden, balcony, and terrace depending on your setup type. Generally, there are three styles of positioning solar lights.

  • The solar panel mounted on the post
  • Individual solar panel
  • Solar panel, which is mounted on the top of the light

If you want to get the most out of these lights, keep them where they can get the maximum sunlight.

Concluding Remarks

In summary, solar lights for garden and other outdoor spaces are an excellent way to light up your landscape. They use solar energy, are easy to install, need minimal maintenance, and are long-lasting. Therefore, if you are a residential or commercial property owner, these lights are a perfect pick for you.

Including solar lights in your outdoor space will create a beautiful ambience, help the planet become more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint and electricity bill.

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