Going green starts with your rooftop, and it costs less than you think

Rooftop Installation of solar for your home or business

Turning to green energy and reducing carbon footprint became much easier with rooftop solar. With rooftop installation of solar in India gaining popularity, homeowners,  apartments and businesses are increasingly choosing solar energy over conventional energy sources.

Electricity generated from solar rooftop system for home can help you save on electricity bill by over 80% right now and will insulate you from any rate increase for the next 25 years at minimal maintenance.

At SolarSphere, we pride ourselves on enabling our customers to go green and generate higher returns on their rooftop solar investment.

Why Go Solar?

  • Save on electricity bill

  • Electricity bills are eliminated or reduced to minimum

  • Reduce carbon footprint, save the planet

  • Insulated against rising electricity prices

  • Earn money for the excess energy produced from the rooftop

  • Easy funding available via loans and financing options
  • Requires minimum maintenance

  • Up to 40% accelerated depreciation for tax benefits for businesses

Why hire us?

Designed by experts | Built to last | Long term partnership

Complete Information

We believe trust starts with transparency. Our first goal is to equip you with the right information about everything solar products

High Quality Products

We only work with the best panel & inverter manufacturers to provide you 25 years of guaranteed performance

Technical expertise

Designed by IITians and setup by solar installation experts, our process drives efficiency at every step

Hassle-free Experience

Serviced by professionals and completed on time for a smooth process

Flexible payment options

Solar need not be hard on your bank. Pay with easy EMI options for 6 or 12 months

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Easy 24×7 monitoring of the system performance for you to have full control

Zero Cost EMI

Switching to Solar is Now Easier than Ever!
Pay in 6 or 12 easy installments with our 0% interest EMI

Maximum Loan Amount

Up to 83% of the cost

Instant approval

Quick 10-minute loan approval process

EMI can be less than your electricity bill

Easy to handle very low EMI benefits

We Make Switch To Solar Simple

Let us brief you on how we make switching to solar simple.

Free in-home consultation

Our dedicated consultant will survey your home, answer all your queries, and create a customized digital design of how your solar rooftop system for home will look like.

Tailored solar proposal

According to your requirements, our experts create personalized proposals for you and assign a dedicated manager to update you about the project’s growth.

Paperwork assistance

At Solarsphere, we do end-to-end paperwork management for you and also help you in securing subsidy

Professional solar rooftop installation

Once the advance payment is made, we will install solar rooftops in your home in a timely, clean, and professional manner.

Grid connection

We connect your system to the grid and install a new electricity meter.

Switch on your new power system

Now you can save on electricity bill and enjoy an energy-independent future.

Maintenance and support

We offer 24*7 maintenance and support.

Success Stories

Going Green now comes with a Bonus

Switch to solar energy and save big !!

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Get a Free Assessment

The sun has been up from always. So, why not use its energy to generate power and save on electricity bill?

Our experienced professionals conduct end-to-end assessments with the intent of maximizing savings. We only need access to your current electricity bill and the rooftop space of your home to provide you with a free estimate for solar rooftop installation.

Switch to solar today

Save money, and the environment 

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