While we have electrified many villages, the situation on ground is quite different. For instance, erratic grid electricity in the area and therefore, do not provide a reliable solution for artisans for earning livelihood. Many of them have looked for alternate products, and solar agriculture provided the best option to them – reliable and low cost. Let us look at some such examples. 


Solar powered mixer and blender for pottery 

A potter, who resides in a village along coastal Karnataka, has installed a 3-Kilowatt solar panel that has given his work a fresh impetus. The solar panels power the wheel and mud blender, helping increase the pace from 20 pots per day on a manual wheel to 50-60 pots per day on the solar-powered pottery wheel. It has also reduced mud preparation time from 6 hours to 30 mins. 

Cherry on the cake is that the product is superior and hence demand has increased as well. 

He could get the solar subsidy for agriculture and that has reduced the cost for him even further 


Solar chapati maker 

This inspiring story of a 40-year-old woman in Karnataka shows how solar has made her life easier and increased her earnings. She runs a small grocery shop, does stitching work and makes corn chapatis at home that she supplies to nearby households and restaurants. Earlier, she would push herself to make 20 chapatis a day, but now, she makes 50 chapatis a day, with lower effort, thanks to a decentralized solar energy setup. She is using a solar chapati maker – which rolls the chapatis for her, saving much of her time and labor. 

Now she can sell more and earn more, thanks to her solar chapati maker. 


Solar drier 

A 35-year-old farmer in Andhra Pradesh used to grow & sell only ripe mangoes in the market, which fetched him anywhere between Rs 10-12 per kilogram.  

However, now with the help of a solar drier, he can make a dehydrated mango product which has a longer shelf life and sells at the rate of Rs250-380 per kilogram.  This boost in income is thanks to the solar drier that can process six quintals of mangoes in one go. Each load of mangoes takes two to three days in the machine. 


There are several such success stories from different parts of the country where decentralized solar has helped local communities in rural areas to increase their incomes and make lives easier. We at SolarSphere are committed to making solar accessible to every nook and corner of India. If you want to start your journey in solar, or want to have any questions answered, connect with us today.