Gujarat is one of the leaders in India transitioning into solar power. It accounts for nearly 25% of the country’s solar power capacity and has nearly 65% of all rooftop installations in the whole country.

In a first, Gujarat has taken the initiative to transform Modhera, a village in its Mehsana district, to be the first village in the country to be powered by solar around the clock every day.

There are three major components to this entire project –

  1. A ground mounted 6-megawatt solar panel installation
  2. A 15-megawatt battery storage system, and
  3. 1-kilowatt rooftop solar power systems installed in 1300 houses within the village

Overall, this covers around 12 hectares of land and it was installed at a cost of USD 9.7 Mn (or INR 80 Cr), split between the State Government and Central Government.

The immediate impact was felt by the residents of Modhera in the form of reduced power bills – estimated that the power bills of most villagers have been reduced by 60% to 100%. The project has also provided the residents with a surplus of renewable energy, and therefore becoming a source of income, as any surplus power they have can be sold back to the electric grid.

Modhera is famous for its centuries old Sun temple and this innovation marks the new temple. The Sun Temple itself is completely powered by solar energy, including a 3D light show, and its parking area has electric vehicle charging stations.

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