Are you sweating and sweltering in the summer heat right now? You might even realize that summer was not this hot in the good old days when you were a little kid. Unfortunately, global warming and climate change are the reality, and we have to deal with various consequences, including rising electricity bills. So, what is the economical way to cut down this cost? Switch to solar energy. By harnessing solar energy, you can save electricity bill.

We need electricity for almost everything. For example, in commercial and residential places, we can use solar panels to lower electricity bills, from AC to kitchen appliances to TVs and other appliances. When you use solar panels, you don’t need to make a drastic cut to energy usage.

Before we dive deep into understanding how solar energy can help you save electricity bills, let us first understand the main problems with electricity bills.

  • Electricity bills are pretty expensive.
  • The bills are constantly getting more expensive.
  • They are unpredictable.

So, to resolve this issue, you can make a one-time investment in solar panels, which can help you lower your electricity bill.

Of course, the upfront cost of the solar panel is the concern, but it will repay you through the years of utility bill savings.

Let us understand the different ways through which solar energy can help you save electricity bill.

1. You can go for rooftop solar

Suppose you are searching for a direct way to reduce your electricity bill through solar energy. In that case, the most efficient way is to put solar panels on your commercial or residential place’s roof.

These rooftop solar panels use photovoltaic to transform sunlight into electricity. You can use this electricity to conduct business operations or run home appliances and devices. Ultimately, it lowers the grid’s electricity usage.

You can install the solar panel on a flat or angled roof. This solar rooftop can easily withstand the high winds. The best thing about the solar panel is its life expectancy of 25 to 30 years.

Based on the energy requirements and your roof capacity, rooftop solar can supply 50% to 80% of your office or residential place needs. That does not mean utility power is not required, but lowering the grid dependency by half using solar rooftops lets you enjoy significant electricity bill savings.

2. Use solar energy for the daytime power requirements

Another way to use solar energy to save electricity bill is to use solar power for your home or office’s daytime electricity usage. It will let you self-supply the power requirements whenever the sun is shining. During night or cloudy weather, you can rely on the grid for the power supply.

Installing the solar panel can cover your daytime usage. Therefore, you can reduce the electricity bill by 50% or more. The advantage of solar panels is that they can produce the most power during the daytime while electricity rates are pretty high. So you can save the most.

3. Add the battery storage to use the power anytime

You should add battery storage to store the extra solar power generated during the daytime. You can utilize it whenever you need it the most. Using battery storage provides you with maximum energy independence and lower electricity bills.

If the solar battery has stored enough electricity, it lets you cut down the grid dependency from approximately 70% to 90% or even, in some cases, more than that.

Therefore, evaluate your budget and energy requirements and decide whether or not investing in battery storage is worth it.

Save Electricity Bill Using Solar Panels

In summary, solar panels are a prudent and long-term investment that offers years of electricity free from the sun. You can use solar rooftops, daytime solar power, and solar storage batteries to maximize energy savings.

Of course, going for 100% solar is not feasible for you as a business owner or a homeowner, but you can save electricity bill through solar panel usage.